Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I was out with the dog last night and the little darling decided to leg it and chase a herd of deer! I wasn't too impressed with this behaviour but it did give me the chance to see some other behaviour!

Whilst waiting for the mutt I was watching a fox, about 100 yards away, meandering through the woods. He was blissfully unaware of me despite my many attempts at calling the dog! Anyway, as I watched him saunter up a slope I was little surprised to see him jump up onto a fallen log and walk along it seemingly just for the hell of it. I've never seen that before so I found it quite cool!

Then the dog decided to join me and so Mr Fox decided it was time to move on ... rapidly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon.

A friend of mine told me how he watched a fox trot padst him within a few yards paying no attentsion to him. It then jumped up into a tree grab a kill it had stashed and then jumped back down , and trotted past him again.



Dhaval Momaya said...

Superb blog, Jon. I once observed one individual in a pack of dhole here in South India do the same. A teak tree had fallen onto a rock, resting at an angle of about 20 degrees from the ground. This dhole, who was playing with the others in the pack, suddenly decided to walk up and down the inclined fallen tree-trunk, seemingly just for the heck of it. I could see his tail wagging the way a dog's tail would when trying to accomplish something new and/or difficult. :)