Saturday, 10 November 2007

Moving mountains

This last week really feels like I have moved mountains - literally! The work on the house is nearly complete but we have started a bunch of work on the garden areas. We have had the bottom, unused part of the garden dug out. We have dug out the space between the stables with a view to concreting it and had a wall built.

We have shifted about 15 tons of soil, 15 tons of hardcore, 8 tonnes of concrete and god knows what else. We are absolutely knackered. But the result is that we have a proper concreted area between the stables which is better for access and easier to keep clean from the chickens. It gives a better base for when we livery a horse here later on. We also have a fantastic stone retaining wall where we are going to have a fire pit, a new water feature and a bunch of new planting beds. Oh, and we have a new soil bank just inside our boundary.

So despite having spent the last week or so outside I haven't managed to do anything bushcrafty or wildlife-related. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometime!