Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Snow, ice and wolves - Part 5

Wild wolf tracks!!!! (Jump up and down and get all excited)

Well this is what we came for and finally we have found some wolf tracks made by a real live wolf and one that is not in captivity. Very, very cool. It has literally been a long slog to find these beauties but we did get there. This time round we were in a different park. We started off on the main track, split the group into three and each group started cutting for sign at different points.

Within 200 yards of our drop off we found day old wolf tracks. The other groups also found wolf tracks of differing ages and some even had urine associated with them. We even found scat in the middle of the track. Needless to say we were all a bit excited by now.

Next part of the plan was to move away from the track and see if we could cut across the wolves trail further on. Well we all slogged off in our different groups and covered quite a distance between us but none of us had any luck in finding more wolf.

We did find lots of other things. We saw a wild boar family unit in the distance, one of which had a very bad limp.

We later cut across their trail and saw them at close quarters and saw that there was puss and blood in the tracks of the wounded boar. It would be lucky if it survived the night. Evening was drawing on so we headed to an observation tower to see if the wolves were going to howl but despite our best efforts at imitating the calls, we had no luck in hearing the real thing!

Back at our digs we entertained the locals by testing out our gear at -18C who clearly thought we were totally crazy.

Of course they are completely right!

Tomorrow being our last day we plotted and planned as to possible routes to take, how many teams to use and the such in order to thrash the area and find more wolf tracks. The anticipation was hard to contain but we managed somehow.



Pablo said...

"Jump up and down..." I am, I am! Great result. Did you get any tracks with measurements? Would love to see them closer if you'd care to upload them on Woodlife network.

Pablo said...

BTW, If that's the Nanok, how did it fair in that temp? I sold mine!

Jon said...

Pablo - I've not been impressed with mine at all. It was Ok for a short stint but I was fully clothed with lots of woolies on at the time.

In general use in the UK I have found it to be somewhat lacking in performance and have nearly always been cold no matter what time of year.

Basically I think it is crap.