Saturday, 9 May 2009

Snow, ice and wolves - Part 3

Our third full day - it makes it sound a bit like Big Brother, doesn't it? Anyway, today's plan was for another route march - this time about 15km. Again this doesn't sound like much but it is when its -18C and you are slogging through knee high snow! Dammed good fun though!

This time the route was going to be mainly through woodland with a little bit of open 'meadow' (not marsh this time).

To start with we had the usual suspects - elk, fox, brown hare and the like and we seemed to have a lot of urine this time too! As we moved further into the woods we came across some beautiful bird impressions in the snow. They were so good you could tell a whole story around them. This, of course, is the ultimate aim for a tracker.

The story was being able to see where the bird landed, had hopped a few steps, where it had fed and then flew off. You can clearly see where the tail has pressed into the ground as the bird took off again. Then about 50 yards further down we found where it had landed again and had another feed. Very cool.

One of the guys decided to follow a set of fox tracks and see where they led. Eventually he followed it to a kill site - a very interesting kill site.

Mr Fox had killed this shrew, dumped the body and pee'd on it! Quite extraordinary. Well, we trudged on and had a final bonus for the day. Pine Marten. Absolutely brilliant - a great find and fantastic to see where it had been and what it had got up to.

It was a long hard day but well worth it. The next day was to be a travel day but that one ended up being a very different day indeed.



Tim Noble said...

Wow! Interesting blog. Have recently bouaght a wood called Fox Covert. Amazing noise foxes make at night...

Jon said...

Hi tim

Glad you like the blog! I used to know a Fox Covert in Buckinghamshire (I think). Could this be the same one?

Anyway, if you fancy swapping links - let me know!