Saturday, 29 November 2008

Everest in 5 days!

Well sort of! There are a couple of guys, Darren and Bryn, who are raising money for a number of charities. and they intend to climb the equivelant height of Mount Everest, but here in the UK.

The plan is to cover 10 peaks in the UK over 5 days which will amounting to nearly 33,000 feet of total height - a bit over the height of dear old Everest. You should really go and check out their website at UK Everest Challenge and spare them a few quid.

The charities are very worthwhile and ultimately they are trying to raise at least one pound for every metre they climb - this is not a huge amount of money so I'm sure we can help them reach their goal.

Please take a look and if you feel you can help then it is easy to do so!


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