Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bear strikes back!

Well dear old Bear Grylls has been interviewed and has made some comments about Ray in return!

Bear Grylls Question time

I like:

"Your great TV rival Ray Mears called you a boy scout.

I love boy scouts. One of the best things this country has ever done is boy scouts. I love Ray Mears. He's brilliant. He's so rude about me in the press, it's outrageous!"

A very clever interview I thought!


The Suburban Bushwacker said...

Ha ha
Out of the two of them RM would appear to be the more skill full and knowledgeable, but who would you trust to lead the charge on a great night out? My moneys on the posh lad!


Survival Chick said...

I agree with sb!

Jon said...

How right you are! He does seem to have a bit more fizz than dear old Ray!