Monday, 10 March 2008

The Ordnance Survey Outdoor Show

Due to circumstances beyond my control (only kidding), I am going to be attending the The Outdoor Show this week.

Myself and a couple of other guys are going to be covering the Shadowhawk part of the show because Max is off filming again. We are going to be attached to the Bushcraft and Survival Magazine stand.

I'm going to be there for the duration and will be giving a couple of short talks on each day. The rest of the time will be spent, either at the stand, or having a little wander around the show looking for goodies to buy!

Drop by and say hi if you are passing. Hope to see you there!

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Pablo said...

Ian Nairn offered me some VIP tickets, unfortunately I was away so missed the deadline.

I hope all went well.


Jon said...

It was a shame you couldn't make it, mate. It would have been good to catch up!

Still, your 'away' looked rather special :)