Sunday, 26 August 2007

Kids and Bushcraft

It takes a lot to scare me but what I had agreed to do quite terrified me! Could this be bungee jumping over a crocodile infested river with only a single thread of elastic? No. Could it be stalking a lion and slapping it on the rump, blowing a raspberry before running away? No. Or could it be teaching kids some bushcraft skills. Ooh yes!

I was persuaded by a local play group (CLOWNS)to run some bushcraft things for some of their summer activities. Naturally I agreed. As it got closer I got more worried. What a wimp, eh! Anyway, I was nervous on my first day but luckily only had about 20 kids to teach. I basically showed them how to use a firesteel to light a piece of cotton wool. Well, kids and fire do mix.

I'm not sure how many kids I taught over the 5 days but I think it was a little over 150. They aged between 5 and 13 and every single one managed to light the cotton wool at least once. I had very positive feedback from all the sessions (including the day I had over 60 kids to teach) which has pleased me greatly.

Now that I have done this and survived I can look back on it and safely say that I would do it again. I enjoyed it, even though it was hard work, and it was fantastic to see some of the reactions when they achieved fire for the first time. Bless 'em!

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Pablo said...

Hi Jon,
Now that takes courage! Well done mate. I know what it's like teaching youngsters, very challenging but it is also very rewarding.
All the best

Jon said...

Thanks Pablo. It was certainly very challenging and just great to see their faces when they achieved fire.

A good experience.


Exmoorjane said...

Crikey, seriously brave! My son used to go on the Clowns summer programme - if he'd known you were playing with fire, he'd have been along like a shot! Instead he did one at Simonsbath - building huts and campfires....

Jon said...

Hi Exmoorjane

Maybe next year if I'm invited back and CLOWNS get their funding issues resolved he can come along to one of the ones I'm doing!


sam_acw said...

Kids are great - real quick learners - 60 at a time is a bit much though!

Jon said...

I was a bit panicked I have to tell you but it all worked out well in the end!