Saturday, 23 December 2006

The story so far (part 1)

Well, we moved to a small village in Exmoor around the middle of September (just in time to start George in his new school). This all happened before completion! Ros and George had to live, in a caravan, in the garden of the house we were buying, for 2 weeks. Then I moved down when we had vacated the Surrey abode - and spent 4 days in the caravan with the others until we could move in to the house.

All a bit stressful but well worth it for the cottage we now own. A 300 year old beauty with 1.5 acres of paddock and a stunning view of the beacon (see previous post). As we had all our stuff in a container we decided this was the time to do some work on the house before moving all the furniture in. It started out as being a bit of decorating .....

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